A Thread of Truth
Jordan Phillips

A woven calendar of lies told during the first 365 days of Donald Trumps’ presidency. 

The project was inspired by the color yellow, used in antiquity to mark those convicted of heresey and treason on their way to be executed. Three shades of yellow make up the calendar grid, each representing a different lie told by Donald Trump: dark yellow concerns immigration, medium yellow for Russia, and light yellow denotes election lies. 

The primary grid system was created in Adobe Illustrator to inform the weaving process. The loom was created from the frame of a canvas notched and strung with bright pink fishing line to allow the loom to hold the yarn.

The woven calendar links to a website I developed in order to give context to the analogue element, where background research and process are linked with The Washington Post Fact Checker, the primary source of my research.


MFA I - Color StoryWool, acrylic yarn, fishing wire, wood frame
24 x 36 inches

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