Makers of the Marine 
Kari Everson

MFA Grad Studio 1
Visual Biography

Made in Illustrator, InDesign, and Photoshop

This project was done for MFA Grad Stuio 1. The general prompt for this project was to write a short essay explaining where you saw yourself in 5-years. From that essay you then must create a body of work that respresents what you had written. 
Personally drawn to work with a cause/sheds light on an issue, this project revolves around Marine Conservation. I created a bunch of illustrations that the costumers could choose to put on their Air Force 1s [AF 1s], t-shirts, hoodies, posters, etc. Along with these illustrations I also created a production/company plan on how Nike could make their shoes environmentally friendly. And as additions, I created a Nike Look Book and website page of how it would be displayed on a studios portfolio, for example, like National Forest's website.

Product Mockups

Fall 2019
Standard Air Force 1s [AF 1s]

Standard Hoodie
Standard T-Shirt
Standard Size Shoe Box

Look Book
Fall 2019

Vellum, Construction Paper, Plastic
11 x 17 inches

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