Symbols of the Tokyo Olympics

Sophie Lindemann 

Alphonse Mucha Card Deck Design

The first project of MFA Studio 1 Fall 2020 was to create 50 iterations of a famous poster that has personal meaning to us. I chose Alphonse Mucha’s JOB 1898 cigarette ad poster.

First I redrew every element from the original, then set to create 50 iterations. Then using those 50, I created a system for sorting the posters based on color, to create 4 suits worth of posters. Then from there, the number of elements in the poster itself became the system for which I established the numerical card value. 

The card deck is fully functional with 52 cards and 2 jokers. To see more of the cards, and the project in greater detail: 

Fall 2020

All 50 final poster iterations, in card form. 
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