Donald Trump in 200 Images + 200 Words —

Alexis Williams

Post-Bac Studio

For our second project in Post Bac Studio, we were asked to create two individual posters that each included 200 images and 200 words.

A repeating image and sound that occured to me was Donald Trump. His presence has invaded my mind for the past four years.

For my 200 images poster, I started with a single picture of Trump and fed it into an AI program that allowed me to choose how I morphed his face. I repeated each iteration ten times or until the original image lost its original form and mutated it into something abstract. To further illustrate the repetition and synchronous transfiguration of his face, I stacked all the AI iterations so their transitions lined up vertically.

Donald Trump never has a loss for words, especially on Twitter. I wanted to use text that  he had originally written and expressed his inner thoughts. I found an archive that collected every single Tweet where Trump used the word “Racist”. In Illustrator, I highlighted each individual “racist” and gave them a unique design treatment. The colorful background image was taken from my 200 images poster, I overlayed the text and liquified the entire canvas into specific shapes. If you look closely, Donald Trump’s image appears twice in this image.

Made in InDesign

Fall 2020
23.39” × 33.11



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