The Orange-All-Over(alls)

Bella Bennett

Color Story
Grad Studio I
Fall 2020

Orange All-Over(alls)™ is the branding framework for a reworked pair of overalls embroidered with orange fruit stickers. The end result is documented online at ︎︎︎

For this project, I thrifted a pair of vintage Madewell workwear overalls from Boomerangs in Central Square, Cambridge. The sturdy corduroy material lent itself well to image-heavy embroidery. Over the course of a few weeks, I researched citrus sticker designs from around the world and handstiched them onto the pants. Using HTML and CSS, I created a website to serve as an imaginary ecommerce platform for the pants. The website intends to bring attention to the global threat posed by citrus greening.

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