Play Your Cards 
Kari Everson

MFA Grad Studio 1
50 Iterations

Made in InDesign

This project was done for MFA Grad Stuio 1. The general prompt for this project was to choose a poster from History of Graphic Design by Alston W. Purvis and Philip B. Meggs and from there redesign 50 iterations of that poster using elements, colors, textures, etc...from the original.

Grapus was a collective of Communist and Idealist graphic artists, working together between 1970 and 1991, which sought to combine excellence of design with a social conscience. The studio's work represented a dialog between governments and citizens; culture and politics, and in the final analysis the message and the form. Their visual communication was bold and honest, aware of its presence and its impact; and it was informed by the socio-cultural parameters of time in all its dimensions past, present and expected future which provided a contest for experimentation and innovation.

Grapus attitude towards day-to-day life excited many of their clients but at the same time made them take risks:

“Even in the successful campaigns, our clients often had a feeling that they had been abused by us. They felt that we rather forced their hands, that we’d expressed ourselves in their place. At some point they agree to the means of expression we use-they claim it as their own since we do the work in their name. Nevertheless they felt a bit frustrated." –Grapus Studio

Playing off the idea of forcing the hands of the clients, these playing cards represent the game and the excitement as well as the rebellious side of the studio. Do you think you can memorize each card?

Standard Card Deck
Fall 2019
3.5 x 2.5 inches

Original Poster by Grapus

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