Purple is a color of mystery, femininity, and sensuality. I was intrigued by the power of purple and its association with female sexuality. I started to think of the power of the female sex and why it is stigmatized in our society. I want women to feel comfortable talking about sex, which is especially important when it comes to sexual consent and sex education.

My app consists of a color scale of purple to showcase one’s comfort level when it comes to sexual preferences. As the shade gets deeper, each question that comes with the shade gets more intimate and serious. Two people can both select their comfort levels, and according to the shades they have picked, they would each have 4 questions to share. This question-answering process helps them get to know each other, and open up a conversation between them. This app serves as an educational narrative for young people, to teach them to be respectful and be a better listener. This app also serves as a conversation-starter to break the awkward silence, and the uncomfortbale question of “are we having sex tonight?”

I used an 80s video game aesthetic to make people feel as if they are in a gaming space, where they can relax and have fun.The aesthetics of my app design adhere to my intention and objective: to make people feel comfortable talking about sex,  to de-stigmatize female sexuality, and to give sex a new language.

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