Sohini Mukherjee

Grad Studio II,


Quaranzine is a journal which questions the “Normality” of the global Pandemic we are living through. It talks about the ironic thoughts and ideas that crossed my mind and are illustrative of the weird and unprecedented, we witnessed through Quarantine.

Spread 1: USA went under lockdown. Humans were burrowing into their homes in fear of nature just how nature used to burrow under the soil in fear of Humans. 
What is the difference between a window and a T.V. screen?

Spread 2: What is the human touch?

Spread 3: Is it our turn to become the zoo?

Spread 4: Do you remember to close all the tabs in your head?

Spread 5: Is being brave stupid?

Spread 6: If movement is an indicator of growth, are we even growing?

Spread 7: Life in plastic is it fantastic?

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