Jenna Benoit,
Claire Bula, &
Michael Rosenberg

Collection Project
MFA 1 Spring Studio 2020

Prompt - Find something you are curious about or would like to explore. Step away from your computer and think about different ways of capturing content to tell your story. Think about the process of blending content, story, and design.

Exploring the concept of memory as connected to, and felt through, objects.

How a tangible item can hold more, and be worth more, than the monetary value of the object itself?

 The concept is one large 8’ x 8’ “poster” that was actually comprised of many posters pasted overlapping one another over the course of a longer time period. This would help us represent the individuality of memory, how memories can become layered over time, how they deteriorate, and how they crop back up, and get forgotten to time.

Posters of objects of memory
Various sizes  8 1/2” x 11” up to 24” x 36”

Installation - wheat pasted posters on particle board
8 feet x 8 feet

Time lapse video of wheatpasting process, creating a memory
1 minute, 24 seconds

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