Shades of Purple | Domenico Colace

For this project I researched the color purple. I followed purple’s journey through time from its first creation out of shells to it becoming the defining color of royalty, to its transition of the first readily available industrial dye and even to its use in the fight for Women’s Rights and equality. Traditionally purple is seen as a color reserved for the aristocracy or even royalty because of how expensive it used to be to manufacture. However, in modern times that has change allowing purple to become available for any and everyone. From this idea, my concept was to take shades of purple and to represent situations where people may feel they are not wealthy enough or good enough and to convey that that is incorrect. It began with the idea of “Wear Your Crown,” where I showed that a ball cap is just as good, if not better than a real crown. I pursued this and applied it to other situations modern day people may find themselves in. I decided my delverable would be that of stickers which would contain the icons I made as well as slogans for each image. These stickers would serve the purpose of becoming branding for a fictional tshirt brand that would be an affordable streetwear brand for people who cannot spend money on the expensive brands of today. These shirts would be made in varying shades of purple to show the versitality of the color and that purple could mean much more than one would know. What shade are you?

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