Timeline of Trump’s COVID-19 Responses

Byori Hwang

Multi-format project asked us to choose a tool from any software program within the Adobe Creative Suite. The final publication should reflect the tool’s history, development or functionality. I chose the pan behind tool in After Effects. It’s the tool that can move the anchor point which is the important device for rotating, scaling a shape. When the 3D mode is one, the shape can also move along x,y,z axis.

When I came across a video that shows the timeline of Trump’s responses on COVID-19, it was very interesting to watch how his speeches evolved over time. I also realized he has such a strong personality and tone.

With that in mind, I made a book with the anchor point as the main device. The trim size is 7.6 in x 5.385 in. This the ratio of the blue rectangle wit stars in the flag of the U.S. I made 11 sheets with the date on the front and a phrase from his speech on the back. I used Mainz typeface for the text because it resembles the anchor point and also the shape of coronavirus. I used a book binding screw and connected the front cover, sheets, and back cover, so the sheets only rotate in one direction. To make it more dynamic, I worked with Artivive app and added AR component. With the app, the viewers can point their phones at the back of the sheet, and watch the text appear with Trump’s voice. For the cover, I added a piece of paper in size of business card which was inspired by the fact that Trump was a business man. 

The President’s speech or any other political speech influences public opinion. My publication asks a question to the viewers. Did he choose right words to speak about this situation? or was he swayed by the situation?

7.6x 5.385 inches

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